Director of Educational Activities - Bro. Burgess

A group of young men at Cabarrus Charter Academy headed by Bro. Burgess are being provided an avenue to assist in achieving academic excellence, social development and cultural awareness in efforts to help them become productive members of society.


There are many exciting sessions this institute will offer. The brothers of Beta Mu Lambda are expecting even greater experiences as we continue on the journey towards developing our participants. We hope to have a personal mentorships with each participant to last beyond the duration of the institute. Below are the featured sessions for 2020.


Leaders come in many different sizes and shapes! Leaders should lead with the intent to listen first and act second. This workshop teaches participants what leadership looks like and helps us recognize the places we can grow and develop. Being a leader is being confident, communicable and committed. Being a leader is about servant leadership. Being a leader is about being proactive and reactive, recovering from you perfect vision that failed and overcoming obstacle unprecedented.


The Beta Mu Lambda Chapter along with other facilitators will deliver an exciting session on the various soft skills needed in today’s time.  The session will cover topics like Public Speaking, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Relational Capacity and even Professionalism/Image. The skills listed doesn’t perfect overnight but they can scratch the surface of being a marketable individual if done correctly. Achieving these skills with not only make an individual shine brighter than others but it changes the perception of men and break chains that keep us from meeting personal goals


With this initiative, participants will be able to connect with collegiate students and brother of Alpha Phi Alpha to get a better understanding of collegiate life. College is more than just a degree; its everything from organizations to internships .With local college tours, we plan to gain information regarding college admissions, college survival skills, and various fields of study.


Brother Orlando Mitchell  and Heather Davis from Winston-Salem State University will present the session on social and dining etiquette. This session will focus on developing impressive dinner conversation, social behavior, the art of meeting new people, table etiquette discussions, different dining styles, do’s & don’ts of dining, the parts of a 7-course meal, the use of a 6-9 piece place setting and writing invitations/ thank you notes. All of this will occur while enjoying a delicious 7-course meal.


Finding our purpose in life can be our most difficult task. We often times just take things day by day and never take the time to think who we truly want to be in the future. This session will expose the participants of ALI to brothers and who have traveled and are currently traveling the path of purpose. Participants will be able to take career & college quizzes, research pathways and create goals that will bring them that much closer to their dream career. Jobs are where we meet certain criteria and productivity but when you have a career you are established and secure.


Knowledge is Power!
The Academic Excellence session is dedicated to support academic needs like homework/classwork, SAT/ACT preparation, testing anxiety/tip and planning resources like CFNC, FAFSA, tutoring and even study hall. This course will occur in April 2020, Participants are also required to complete a their 10-hour study hall form by their monthly grade check. Study sessions will be worked out throughout the duration of the institute.


Participants and Brothers will be working with various companies once a month to volunteer in our communities. Projects and partnerships we would like for the participants to partake in includes Habitat for Humanity, Urban Ministry Center, Senior Living, Animal Shelter, and Go-Green. We will also be in contact with you as these details are made available to us. The first project will be scheduled by the DEA and brothers of the Beta Mu Lambda Chapter, afterwards the task will be up to the Alpha Leadership Institute Officers.


Center for Smart Financial Choices helps people of all ages explore the importance of making smart financial choices in managing a budget while learning how credit scores affect their expenses in an interactive simulation experience. The simulation includes students navigating through different stations to really see what it feels like to be an adult. You may end up being a doctor with a terrible credit score or a technician living lavish. CSFC has created a student friendly simulation experience that will go with you wherever you go.


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